Frequently Asked Questions

Do you freeze your meals?

Definitely not, we take pride in working with local distributors for fresh produce at all times.

What is the shelf life of your meals?

7 to 10 days from production depending on the contents of the dish. Meals with broccoli, green beans, and other similar green vegetables last closer to 7 days, while the rest of our menu lasts up to 10 days. We post expiration dates on each one of our meals.

Can I freeze the meals?

You can BUT we do not recommend due to loss of flavor after being frozen, we are not liable after freezing.

What are the reheating instructions?

Puncture film on (both) compartments, remove any sauces in plastic ramekins, and heat in the microwave anywhere from 1-2 minutes depending on the wattage of your microwave.

What do I do with the meal containers, meal packaging and gel ice packs?

The meal containers (plastic #5) can be recycled with rigid plastic products, just make sure to rinse them first. The corrugated delivery box, the mylar bubble insulation, and any other paper products can be recycled curbside too, but be sure to remove the plastic label and adhesive tape.

For the gel ice packs, dispose of the non-toxic contents in the garbage and recycle the plastic bag at a local store drop-off. Keep in mind that we don’t recommend pouring the water-based gel down the drain in case of temporary clogs. Reusing is an option, too!

How long does delivery take? Is there an order cut-off time?

Our order cutoff is midnight 2 days prior to your desired delivery date (if available). For example, if you are looking to receive your meals on Tuesday, then you will need to place your order by 7:59PM Sunday night. We only utilize 1-2 day shipping methods for food preservation and shelf life purposes, so if you are outside our Monterey, California UPS 1 or 2 Day Ground Zone, then we will send you meals via UPS Next Day Air.

When does my subscription run?

Your subscription bills 3 full days prior to your selected delivery date. If your selected delivery date is Monday, you need to have all edits in place prior to 7:59PM on Thursday night.

How do I pause or cancel my subscription?

You can manage your subscription directly from your account using this link:

From here you can pause your subscription, change your meals, and change your next delivery date. Need a break for a week? Simply change your next delivery date to a week out. You can also add promotion codes, change your billing card and delete your schedule. No need to explain why you want to pause or cancel. We’re confident you’ll think of us the next time you decide to hire a meal prep service.

What are the payment options?

We currently accept all credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards. Store meal plans or credits are not acceptable for online orders.

What is your policy on food allergies?

At MaxFit Meals, we use a wide spectrum of ingredients to keep variety in our menu. We can not guarantee that your food will be allergen-free, and because of this, we can not recommend our fresh food delivery service to anybody who has moderate to severe food allergies.

Do you have a location?

We have two available pickup locations:

MaxFit Market Monterey, 520 Fremont St. Monterey, CA 93940, Mon-Fri from 9AM-7PM and Sat-Sun from 10AM-5PM.

MaxFit Market Salinas, 341 Monterey St. Salinas, CA 93901, Mon-Fri from 9AM-7PM and Sat-Sun from 10AM-5PM.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations must be made prior to 12pm PST the day before expected delivery by calling 831-221-6060 x1. Email cancellations are not accepted unless at least 2 days prior to expected delivery.